Nurse Leader Coach  LLC

Integrative Strategies for Personal and Professional Success

Nurse Leaders experience unique challenges that only another Nurse Leader could truly understand.  You get "stuck" in frustrating circumstances, unhealthy habits, ineffective behaviors, and unsatisfying roles.  Relentless change, competing priorities, interpersonal conflict, and unrealistic workloads add to the disillusionment and stress.

You may feel trapped and see no way out. Integrative coaching specifically designed for Nurse Leaders unlocks new pathways to dramatic and lasting change. You CAN feel good about yourself and your work again!

Coaching Works!

Independent research commissioned by the International Coach Federation found that 99% of people are satisfied with coaching, and 96% would repeat the coaching process!

Empowering nurse leaders to overcome their greatest challenges, achieve their goals,  

and feel good about themselves and their work again!

 My Nurse Leader clients quickly transform their problems into opportunities by expanding awareness, illuminating core values and strengths, and discovering new options they couldn't see before. I work with Nurse Leaders to clarify goals, overcome barriers, master new behaviors, and accelerate results. Partnering with me as your coach, you will dramatically improve your personal and professional satisfaction. You WILL take control of your situation and find the answers your are looking for.  Nurse Leader Coaching changes lives!