Coaching Services

If you're serious about solving your biggest problems or making important changes

in your personal or professional life, I'd love to help you succeed.  I offer a variety of coaching options specially designed for busy Nurse Leaders. Choose from:

NLC Signature Program -  offers the greatest impact and best value for people who are serious about creating important and lasting changes in their personal and professional lives. Ideal for creating a personalized comprehensive plan for advancing your career while enhancing balance, wellness, and fulfillment.  Includes 6 one on one sessions.

Integrative Health & Wellness Program - create a personalized integrative lifestyle plan to accelerate results in the areas of your choice.  Great for those wanting to improve their overall wellness, manage stress more effectively, and prevent burnout as they pursue their personal and professional goals.

Discovery Program - enjoy 3 individual coaching sessions targeting your most challenging issue. Perfect for anyone considering a career transition, making an important decision, or struggling to accomplish a personal or professional goal.

Jumpstart Sessions - explore your biggest challenge, deepen awareness of what you really want, and discover new options in this 1 hour personal coaching session.  You'll be energized, inspired, and ready to move forward with an effective plan and renewed confidence! 

Group Sessions - these fun 1 hour sessions are for a group of 3-4 people of your choice, typically centered on one theme or topic.  I'll coach each person individually, while everyone benefits from hearing the others coached.  Great for career advancement, work-life balance, leadership development, and more.

Custom Programs - I'll gladly customize a coaching program just for you, specially designed to meet

your unique needs or circumstances.

Contact me today at to learn more or to schedule a free 30 minute strategy session to give you the boost you need.

 I only accept a few new clients each month, so don't wait!

Amy C. Smith  DNP, RN, HWNC-BC, ACC  is a board certified coach, healthcare executive, author, &

clinical nurse specialist with over 20 years of experience leading complex healthcare systems.  She is passionate about empowering others to reclaim control of their lives

and careers, conquer their biggest challenges, and pursue their personal and professional dreams with renewed

energy and excitement. 

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