BALANCE:   Work-life balance, time management, boundaries, conflict, and being pulled in multiple directions are challenges faced by all nurse leaders.  I'll help you become crystal clear on your priorities and values, and discover new tactics to get you back on track.  You'll find the inspiration and motivation you need to reclaim control of your time and energy.  You'll move forward with clarity and confidence!

WELLNESS:  Do you long to feel well again? Are you struggling to manage stress, lose weight, increase your fitness, or break bad habits?   Have you simply lost sight of your own self-care and self-development?  I'll guide you through a comprehensive assessment of  your health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit. You'll  create an individualized, realistic self-care plan that fits your schedule, resources, and goals. You'll be amazed at how quickly you will begin to see results as you bring your plan to life!  

FULFILLMENT:  Are you disillusioned, frustrated, or dissatisfied with where you are in your career or personal life?  Do you dream of changing your career path, or simply starting over?  Are you struggling to decide what you really want to do or where to go next?  I'll help you expand awareness, illuminate new options, make key decisions, and discover what you really want.  You'll affirm your strengths and design strategies to bring your dreams into reality, one step at a time.  Experience joy, authenticity, and success!


" I can truthfully say your coaching has been life and job saving to me.  My whole attitude has changed about my home and work environment.  And you have shown me that I can accomplish whatever I wish if I set achievable goals and set my mind to it."

                                              D. H., Nurse Manager                                                                                                                           

Nurse Leader Coach  LLC

"I am very pleased with how motivated I was after each coaching session.  I learned so much about myself and what is really important to me.  It helped me make decisions that ultimately improved my situation and inspired positive changes in my life.  Thank you Amy!

                                                                                                          J.M., Outpatient Director

Coaching is a highly effective method for creating change, navigating transitions, empowering real action, and mastering new behaviors.  With coaching, you will:

  • Identify meaningful goals, create more effective strategies, and map out a new path forward
  • Reveal your unique strengths and values, and learn new approaches to achieving your most important goals
  • Anticipate challenges, overcome barriers, and eliminate false starts so you reach your goals more quickly and easily
  • Experience affirmation, support, and understanding
  • Improve personal accountability in a non-judgmental, confidential learning environment
  • Solve problems much faster than you would on your own

"A coach is beneficial to any stage of your personal life and/or professional career.  When I pursued this endeavor, I was able to identify areas of my life that were not aligned to my core values and how that lack of alignment was affecting me personally and professionally.  Ms. Smith is an excellent guide to help you attain your specific "sweet spot" in life."               

                                                                                               C. A., Department Director                                                                                                                                           

"Nurse Leader Coaching with Amy Smith helped me with my work life balance.  It also assisted me in realizing what qualities are important to me and how to take steps to achieve those qualities in a job."   

                                                                                                         T.S.,  Nurse Manager

Nurse Leaders Are Challenged Like Never Before!

Why choose coaching? 

Integrative Strategies for Personal and Professional Success

What To Expect From Nurse Leader Coaching: